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The purpose of this web site is to share my research into my family's history. Feel free to browse the web site and contact me if you think we may be related or have information we can share.

I started this web site in July 2007 and have only begun to add information to it. So check back over time for more updates. I hope to eventually post all my family research on the site.
Most of my ancestors for the last couple of hundred years have lived in Cleveland, Lincoln, and Rutherford counties of North Carolina, and York county of South Carolina. The primary focus of my research is on my LOGAN family ancestors, but I am gathering information on a number of families as follows:
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Drury Logan
One focus of my family research has been my gggg-grandfather Drury Logan who is my earliest known Logan ancestor. He was born in Halifax County, VA in 1762 and lived most of his life in Rutherford County, NC. He served as a Private in the Army of the American Revolution, and his Revolutionary War Pension Application provides many details of his service.
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The Four Logan brothers of the battle of King's Mountain
My ancestor Drury Logan is likely related to the four Logan brothers, John, Joseph, Thomas, and William, who are said to have fought in the Revolutionary War battle of King's Mountain. Joseph and William fought on the Patriot side, while John and Thomas fought on the Loyalist side.
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The Logans of Tryon, Lincoln, and Rutherford Counties
There were at least three Logan families that settled in this area of North Carolina. They were 1) the family of the four Logan brothers, 2) the James Logan family, and 3) the Francis Logan family.
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Other Logan Documents
Click here for some other Logan family documents I have collected from the Rutherford, Lincoln, and Cleveland County area of North Carolina.

Click here for some photos I have collected. Most of the photos relate to the Logan family.

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